Josh Peck Is Up For A Drake And Josh Reunion... But He Has One Sexy Condition


Remember Josh Peck? Yes? No Maybe? OK, how about this, remember Drake and Josh?

Yeah, there we go.


Well Josh Peck, the actor behind his character, of the same name, from the popular Nickelodeon show from the noughties is making a comeback!

Fox’s new comedy Grandfathered features the 28-year-old star opposite John Stamos, who plays his estranged father.

I want to tell the chubby, 13-year-old Josh, Everything’s gonna be alright, little bro, because you’re going to wind up being able to somewhat pass for John Stamos son’” Peck told MTV at the ATX Television Festival last Sunday.


After a bit of a dry patch, Josh is delighted to be back, adding:

It’s nice to have steady employment! It certainly cuts through the neuroses of being an actor.”

I feel like Stamos is bordering on legend territory, and for someone who has been around as long as he has to be so generous with a young actor is really lovely.”

But we mustn’t forget Drake and Josh. Unlike many actors who rose to prominence through their acting as a child, Josh hasn’t rejected his past and still feels very fondly about the show.

What’s amazing to me is the longevity of that show,” Peck said. “How it’s still gaining an audience because of the reruns, like our little brothers and sisters are now falling in love with it. It sort of had these story lines that are really universal and somewhat timeless.”

Although he’s not been on our screens for a while, Peck has his strong online following thanks to his frequent tweets and vines, saying that he loves his followers and will often run things by them if he needs any help deciding on something.

I have a great time doing it, but I’m glad I can do it now as a 28-year-old, and not as a 17-year-old, because I’m sure I would have said some dumb sh*t that would have got me in trouble.” 


So Josh Peck is having his renaissance with a new show in production but the question on everyone’s lips is “Will there be more Drake and Josh?!

I would be down! To just pick it back up without ever acknowledging that there was a 10-year gap might be a little odd — because we definitely put on some years, but if they figured out a really cool fun way to bring back the entire cast and do [it], that would be dope. I’ll go work at the movie theater again.”

But Josh has one condition… “I’m going to do every scene shirtless and maybe pantsless. Who knows!

So next up… Drake Parker!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments… would you like to see a reunion?!


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