These Tribesmen Compete In An Intense Weight Gain Challenge For Honour


How far would you go to bring honour to your family (assuming that kind of thing was still important)? I like my chances at killing the local demon wolf that’s been eating all of the town’s sheep or even being chosen to marry the Princess but I think that’s as far as I would go. It’s hard to say without the opportunity being in front of me.

But would I try to become the fattest man in the village for no personal gain whatsoever? Yes, yes I think I would.

Well that’s exactly what some choice men from the Bodi tribe in Ethiopia do. As a yearly ritual, unmarried men from each family are chosen to take on the task to become as fat as possible in the space of six months. It sounds like a dream but it’s a far cry from the splendour of rich foods and gout like what you’d expect from a medieval king, but more like solitude and blood.


Basically, they have to live alone in a hut, not move and only have company when girls of the family come to bring them bowls of cows blood and milk (not all together) which they have to drink quickly with hopes of being the chubbiest chancer in town.

And that’s all they eat/drink. You’d have thought it would be pretty easy to get fat if you took a trip to the local McDonald’s and had a pint or two with your burger but no, they’re doing it the weird way.


After the six months are up, the men all emerge from their huts and compare waistlines. Whomever has the largest wins, obviously. Once they win, they don’t get anything good like a holiday or something, they’re just named the pride of the tribe (for a year) and girls think you’re a total hottie – fatness is fitness there.

If you’re wondering why they don’t eat the cows instead of just drink their blood and milk, it’s because they’re sacred there. Eric Lafforgue, who took the photos explained:

The cows are sacred to the Bodi tribe so they are not killed. The blood is taken by making a hole in a vein with a spear or an axe, and after that, they will close with clay.


That’s how you treat gods, right?

The fat men drink milk and blood all day long. The first bowl of blood is drunk at sunrise. The man must drink it quickly before it coagulates, but some cannot drink everything and vomit.”


All of that just for bragging rights for your mum, eh? I think I’ll stick to lying about how well my articles do and how the comments are always 100% nice. Who wouldn’t believe that?

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Images via Daily Mail

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