Fears Are Growing That 'Zombie Drug' Spice Is Getting Out Of Control


I know numerous people with differing views on drugs, but one thing that the majority of people seem to agree on is that spice is bad news. 

Reports are suggesting that there is a bit of an epidemic in the North-West of England at the moment, with police in Manchester recently being called out 31 times in a single day to deal with people suffering from some of the nasty side-effects of the drug.

Spice was originally a legal high, made up of  synthetic cannaboids and touted as an alternative to weed. It became illegal when the Psychoactive Substances Act kicked in just under a year ago. The latest images and reports from over the weekend show that despite it now being illegal to produce and supply spice, usage seems to be on the increase and those that are addicted to it are suffering in a big way.




To compare spice to weed is naive. People taking spice have been known to suffer from psychotic episodes, hallucinations and seizures. Many also claim that it’s as addictive, if not more so, as heroin and crack. It’s grim and it’s becoming a real problem.

Manchester’s local news went to Piccadilly Gardens and described what they saw as a “dystopian scene of seemingly unending human misery.” Many of those who are addicted are believed to be homeless people, and a Friday night in Piccadilly Gardens is described as resembling “hell on earth.”

A couple of years ago I spoke with a legal high dealer to discuss the pending ban, the increasing strength of spice, and the worsening effects it had on users. He said:

“Taking two drags on a joint of synthetic cannaboids can sometimes feel like you’ve hit on a bong five or six times. Because there is a lot of competition between the manufacturers, and because people’s tolerance levels are getting higher, we find ourselves in a war of strength where the manufacturers are trying to outdo each other on the potency of their product. [These] super strengths have ultimately led to fatalities and hospitalisations.”

This video is one of many that have been doing the rounds over the past few days, it shows people that are believed to have taken spice, looking pretty much incapable of anything.

Vice did a short documentary on the topic a little while ago. Sadly it seems that people haven’t adhered to the warning, and it’s only getting worse.

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