This Woman Is Biking Across The World Because Her Ex Told Her She Couldn't


People always talk about how they’d love to give up their day-job, forget about the worries they have back home and go out travelling for as long as they want, don’t they? It’s just a shame that most of the time, we don’t get to do it.

Well there’s hope yet if you thought that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Nikki Misurelli is 30-years-old and managed to up sticks and do it all for herself.

Ever since she passed her driving test, she’d always bike around near and far to do odd jobs but it never really extended past that. One day, though, her boyfriend at the time arranged to go on a mad motorcycle trip with his friends.


Speaking to The Independent, Misurelli said:

He said he wanted to motorcycle all the way from Alaska down to Argentina. I asked him if I could go with him but he said no, that it was a ‘guys only’ trip. ‘It’s too dangerous and intense,’ he said. ‘You probably couldn’t handle it’.

So we broke up and I went by myself.

And she did. She covered the 12,000 miles from Alaska to Panama and hasn’t stopped since. She’s journeyed the west coast of America and central-America as well as hopping over the Atlantic and biking across Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia, and even Morocco.

Misurelli doesn’t have a permanent job or even a house. She carries all of her possessions with her on her bike and does odd jobs here and there to keep her head above the water and fund her trips.

A lot of people just assume I’m rich, but it’s not true. I have no house and barely any possessions. I pulled all my retirement money and sold almost all of my belongings. It’s amazing how little we actually need in life.”


She never plans ahead and sleeps wherever she can. With her, she carries a tent, hammock, sleeping bag and a few clothes and that’s it. She slept in a highway tunnel in Italy one time…

I did some camping in the mountains but it was really cold – it was pouring down and I wanted somewhere warm, with no wind or rain. I didn’t feel like socialising or finding an Airbnb so I just decided to go for it.

Next on her list is either Australia or America. Basically, she’ll go anyway that is as flexible as her plans (she’s done waiting tables and construction work in the past).

She sees herself as an ambassador for women, saying:

I want women around the world to get out there and get travelling. If you want something enough, you can make it work.

That’s how I feel about travel.”

So yeah, it’s possible.

H/T: The Independent

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