Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! 'Rick And Morty' Is Becoming A VR Game


You probably know this already but film-to-game video games are often terrible. The amount of time I wasted on the Transformers game when the first film came out was absurd.

Having said that, the TV-to-game relationship isn’t too bad. We all remember The Simpsons: Hit & Run, right? That was a fantastic game that essentially just jumped on the back of a cash cow and it paid off. I’d give anything to play that on my PS4.

Well it looks like we might be in for that level of fun again as Adult Swim Games and Owlchemy Labs have been teaming up to create a game that lets us explore the world of Rick and Morty!


Somewhat annoyingly, the game is VR but I suppose that just adds to the whole immersive experience. The game has been dubbed “the most realistic simulation of the Rickstaverse ever” and is due for a release on the 20th of April.

The game kicks off in Rick’s garage where you’ll be able to throw things around and interact with you surroundings just like real life. You’ll also be able to dabble in portals and step into other worlds… just like non-real life.

CEO of Owlchemy Labs, Alex Schwartz, said he’s confident:

fans are going to lose their minds at what we’ve developed. It’s been an incredible experience to develop for one of our favourite shows and see the joy on players’ faces when they get to explore Rick’s garage in VR, physically step through portals, and interact naturally with their hands in the world they’re already so familiar with. Players are interacting with the world of Rick and Morty in a way only possible in virtual reality, and they love it!

Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality will be available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets on Steam and Oculus Home from Thursday, 20th of April.

Now we just have to worry about the szechuan sauce.

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