How The Avengers And The Defenders Could Team Up In The MCU


Avengers: Infinity War is coming out in 2018 and is set to bring the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, among other people, together to defend the world from the evil space tyrant, Thanos.

That’s what we’re certain of and every Marvel film seems to push this plot line on just a little bit further. Whether Infinity Stones are mentioned somewhere in the background or whether Thanos is outright helping someone destroy Earth, we know what’s coming and how it’s going to climax.

But with Marvel’s Defenders series on Netflix, other than “the incident” being mentioned once or twice, they show no indication of joining the bigger picture and saving Earth from space baddies.

For all we know, the Defenders could go completely unmentioned in Infinity War and then have their own series on Netflix the next year and the only reference made might be “Gee I’m glad the Avengers saved the world. Now back to destroying the Hand!

But let’s assume the Defenders will team up with the Avengers for one of the films, how might that happen?

Daredevil and Spider-Man


Among other things that Daredevil and Spider-Man share, Kingpin is a recurring villain for both of them. From watching Netflix’s Daredevil, you know just how much Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk clash. But in one comic book run, Spider-Man finds out that Fisk was behind the shooting of Aunt May, goes to prison to confront him, and then beats him half to death.

Say, for instance, in the highly unlikely events that Infinity War begins Oceans 11-esque, and showing each character doing what they do best before teaming up, we could see Daredevil being overcome by Fisk’s goons, only to be saved by Spider-Man, who later on says that he knows a guy who could help to Iron-Man or something.

Iron Fist and Doctor Strange


At the end of Doctor Strange, we saw Baron Mordo unceremoniously become evil, claiming that there are too many sorcerers whilst crippling a faultless man. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that what Iron Fist does is sort of sorcery.

Danny Rand and Stephen Strange have a lot in common. They were both rich American guys who ended up being trained in mystical arts in Asia (although Rand’s was less Asia and more heaven – but it was sort of Chinese-y).

Baron Mordo might be knocking around New York, trying to take sorcerers’ powers away, only to see Iron Fist with his glowing hands and think “That’s definitely magic. Imma take it.” Iron Fist would then try to protect himself as best he could, either do a good job which impresses Strange as he watches on, or start to get beaten, only to be helped along by the Sorcerer Supreme.

The Hand


The Avengers’ priorities are way out of whack when it comes down to things that they will actually assemble for. They first teamed up when aliens came down led by a Norse god and tried to take over the world. Fair enough. But later on, when Nazi terrorists took over S.H.I.E.L.D and nearly killed millions of people, it was just Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon stopping them. Later, the Mandarin made it look like he killed Iron Man and kidnapped the president, then it was just Tony Stark wearing some gear he bought from B&Q and Rhodes with a gun. Also, an evil elf levelled Greenwich and tried to destroy the world, yet just Thor and a few scientists stood in the way.

They did, however decide that a Hydra base that may or may not have Loki’s sceptre in it was worth assembling for.

My point is that you never know what the Avengers find important. Meanwhile, in the Defenders’ world, The Hand seem to be cheating death and looking to take over the world. If you ask me, this is something worth Tony Stark putting the suit on for… just a thought.

The Avengers could get wind of all of the mad stuff The Hand is trying to pull off that the Defenders can’t handle on their own, cue wicked team-up.

There is an untitled Avengers film due for release in 2019 that no-one knows the plot for. Initially it was going to be Infinity War Part II but then someone decided that Infinity War could be finished in only one film. The Defenders could feature heavy in whatever that film is called.

To be honest, Iron Man could say “for the sake of the plot, we’re now going to introduce Daredevil” and I’d be happy. I so want to see the Defenders, but mainly Matt Murdock, team up with those guys.

I didn’t leave my room for a month when he wasn’t in Captain America: Civil War.

Images via Marvel, Entertainment Weekly

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