Carnage Is Going To Be The Main Villain In The Upcoming 'Venom' Film


We’re all very excited for the Venom film coming out next year, starring Tom Hardy (pfft) as Eddie Brock and, though it’s not at all connected to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise, it should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Since it’s just Venom as the figurehead of the new Sony-Marvel cinematic universe, we can pretty sure that the films aren’t going to hold back on the old swearing and gratuitous violence and, hey, maybe a touch of sex.

Why not?

But for a while now, we’d been wondering just what the Venom film was going to be about.

I had a theory, that was shot down by Sony pretty quick, that the film would be about good-guy super-soldier Venom who’s fighting some kind of extra-terrestrial threat but luckily, I also came up with another one that said:

“Being looked down upon for a lot of his life, Brock has sympathy for the innocent and the weak so has used his powers for good when it comes to saving them.

This film could start with Venom doing some generic twatery, destroying part of New York and fighting swat teams but, just as a building is going to collapse onto a young family or something, he quickly jumps in the way to save them. Footage of Venom heroics goes viral on YouTube and as another threat looms over New York, a few brave people go to Venom’s hideout, appealing to his good nature to get him to help.


The threat could range from a generic gang, a supernatural gang (like The Hand in the Netflix Marvel series) to other Sony-owned Marvel bad guys – maybe even Carnage. If you don’t know who Carnage is, it’s the offspring of the Venom symbiote bonded to a maniacal mass-murderer.”

That was the idea I was least confident with but Sony have just confirmed that Carnage will be the bad guy for the upcoming Venom film.

Just a bit more background on Carnage – Cletus Kasady was a clinically insane mass murderer in prison when the son of the Venom symbiote bonded to him, helping him escape – he quickly became one of Marvel’s most violent and terrifying villains and on occasion, Spider-Man has had to team up with Venom to subdue him.


So we know that Venom is fairly insane and very dangerous and that’s just a fairly disgruntled ex-journalist within the symbiote. Image and actual psychopath inside a more powerful symbiote and you’re close with what Carnage is.

But now we have the exciting period of trying to work out who exactly is going to play Cletus. Basically we need someone ginger and who can play insane fairly well – the guy who plays the young Joker from the Gotham series is those things, isn’t he?

Him or Jim Carrey?

Images via Marvel

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