Deleted Scene Shows That This 'Logan' Death Scene Was Originally A Lot More Harrowing



Glad those losers aren’t here anymore. Anyway, the people left now have either seen Logan and agree that it’s a fantastic film or haven’t seen it but want to get the scoop so that works for me.

Even though the whole film was absolutely amazing and everyone’s performance was sublime, the shock casting of Stephen Merchant really played off as he took on the role of Caliban – the clairvoyant mutant.

He served as a comic relief in some parts of the film but was also the victim in one of the most harrowing scenes, where he’s being tortured for information. After having his face burned by the sun, Caliban eventually succumbs to Transigen and Donald Pierce and helps them work out where Logan, Xavier and X-23 are hiding.


However, as the house where the three are hiding is under siege, Caliban decides that he can no longer help the bad guys, choosing to kill himself and take out some of the opposition whilst he does it, heroically pulling the pin out a grenade and dropping it in the van where he’s being held.

It’s a poignant, yet curt death to a very big character, made all the more memorable as Caliban utters “beware the light”, which is something said to him as he’s being tortured by Donald Pierce.

However, James Mangold originally had other plans for the character’s death, having him briefly survive the explosion before crawling along some grass to Logan and X-23, making eye contact and then dying.


It’s almost more harrowing but somehow more unceremonious when you see Logan’s pretty emotionless face and Caliban’s lifeless body just lying there in the background. After watching it, you’ll be glad they went for the demise that they did…

Check it out here:

God that was such a good film, I need to see it again.

Caliban looks a lot like Anakin/Vader post burning/helmet taken off there.

But anyway, as I was saying, his immediate and heroic death was far more suitable and the film is the better for its inclusion.

Now I know that no-one liked Wolverine Origins, but I really want to know what happened to Logan’s brother. It would have been cool if they included that in Logan.

Maybe he can show up in Deadpool 2?

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