'The Evil Within 2' Trailer Has Been Released And It's Creepy As Hell


In 2014,  The Evil Within was released to critical acclaim. The third-person psychological survival-horror game followed police detective, Sebastian Castellanos, as he is transported into a terrifying world full of nightmarish locations and creepy as anything creatures while investigating a murder case. There he has to survive as best he can.

In the sequel, aptly coming out on Friday the 13th of October, Sebastian returns to the horror world and, slightly clichéd, he’s looking for his infant daughter who he believes to be dead.

Courtesy of Bethesda, the game trailer was released at the E3 press conference today and it’s not enough to say that it’s creepy – it’s utterly bizarre. Somehow they’ve done a wonderful job of telling you nearly nothing about the plot but have made it perfectly clear that it’s going to be both terrifying and deep.

Have a look at all five minutes of it…

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that I won’t be playing it alone.

It’s games like this that really call for a good ten hours on Lego Avengers to cleanse your mind, isn’t it? You go around looking for your dead daughter who’s spontaneously combusting in front you whilst killing deformed demon zombies, you know you’re going to have to spend a very long time on free roam as Nova or Iron Man or something to bring back that good equilibrium.

Actually I might just cut out the middleman and play Lego Avengers anyway…

Image via Bethesda

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