Study Shows That People Who Love Weed Are More Successful Than Those Who Don't


My tolerance to weed is not only abysmal, it’s embarrassing.

Other drugs I can handle, but for some reason weed just hits me like a ton of bricks. I went to California last year and smoked a particularly potent strain of ‘Cali Kush’ with a group of people I was staying with, and I had to remove myself from the living room because I got an uncontrollable case of the giggles and felt like Alien was going to burst out of my chest.

I guess the giggles are just one of the side effects of smoking marijuana, but it’s no secret that it can have a whole load of other effects on its users. For people that regularly take it though, there is a general consensus among non-users that it makes them lazy, unmotivated, apathetic and a general, anti-social wasters.

Well guess what naysayers, new research actually suggests that cannabis users are not only more satisfied than other people, but more successful too.

The data, collected as part of a study by BDS Analytics, surveyed people from Colorado and California, two states where cannabis is legal, which coincidentally, from my experience, are two of the most fun places in America, and found that in California 20% of weed users actually had a master’s degree compared 12% for those who hadn’t taken the drug.

Cannabis users also reportedly had a higher income, earning $93,000 on average a year compared to $70,000 for non-users.

It also looked good for stoners in Colorado too, as 64% of regular weed users had full-time jobs, compared to 54% for abstainers.

The survey questioned consumers and abstainers from a wide range of social and financial backgrounds, whilst also taking into account several other factors including life satisfaction levels, attitudes towards parenting and employment.

Furthermore, in terms of overall quality of life, weed users were found to be happier than non-weed users, with around five out of ten smokers saying they were happier than they were a year ago, compared to four out of ten non-smokers.

The results also seemed to debunk the theory that cannabis users are anti-social, as 36% of people from Colorado who regularly smoked weed described themselves as “very sociable people”, whereas only 28% of abstainers said they were.

So, essentially what we can take away from this study is that drugs are good for you and everyone should take them. Yep, that’s the conclusion I’m going to make…

What do you think of the study? Let us know in the comments below!

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