The Trailer For Marvel's 'Inhumans' Is Here And People Aren't Happy


Marvel’s Inhumans was a title banded around a lot a few years ago when the studio just didn’t know what to do with it. At first it was going to be a film, then it wasn’t going to be made, then it was a TV show that wasn’t going to be made and now it’s a TV show that has been made but, well, maybe it shouldn’t have been.

For all intents and purposes, Inhumans are pretty much like mutants and X-Men. That’s not to say that they’re the same, because they’re not – they even fight every now and then.

That being said, pretty much the only reason Marvel are introducing these guys to the MCU is because they like money and they don’t have the rights to the X-Men, Fox do.

But anyway, as I said, Inhumans has been made and trailer just dropped. Have a watch…

The YouTube comments are a bit of a minefield. I mean they always are, but no-one seems very happy about this particular trailer.

It’s hard to know what to say without sounding really pessimistic. It just doesn’t look very good.

First and foremost, the costumes are terrible.


We were supposed to get a full body black suit and long, mystic red hair. We got a weird middle-aged man’s motorbiking gear with junior school dad’s hair-cut alongside a dress that looks like it was made out of felt and the worst wig you’ve ever seen. And all of the costumes in the show reflect that theme. Boo.

I’m not convinced by Iwan Rheon’s acting in it either and oooohhh look, he’s a villain. Never saw that coming.

Also, and I know this goes way back to the comic book lore, but I’m not sure just how much I can care about a guy whose power is ‘really strong voice that fucks things up if he makes a noise so he can’t talk lol’ and his teleporting big bulldog.

I hope I’m wrong but this doesn’t look like it was worth cancelling Agent Carter for. And just looking at other trailer for Marvel things to come, it’s hard to be remotely enthused. Even Cloak and Dagger looks considerably better and no-one even knows who those people are (hyperbole – I’m aware that people know who they are).

In case you forgot, here’s the trailer for that – actually looks quite good, if not a tiny bit slow…

All I want is a Hawkeye series (sans Jeremy Renner) based on the Matt Fraction series to go on Netflix. Then I’d be happy, Marvel.

Actually I’m happy anyway. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m sure Inhumans will be fine.

Images via Marvel

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