Daniel Craig Is Hilariously Insane In This New 'Logan Lucky' Sneak Peek


Although reviews aren’t allowed to be published for the upcoming heist film, ‘Logan Lucky’, lots of people who may or may not have seen it have heavily implied it’s worth a watch. That’s all they’re allowed to say, to be fair, so don’t blame them for being elusive.

It features¬†Channing Tatum and Adam Driver as siblings who plan a heist during a NASCAR race over in the United States. But they’re not going it alone. No, they have the help of Riley Keough and a very insane Daniel Craig who they broke out of prison.

Everyone talks with one of those funny Southern American accents and it looks like a lot of fun – give it a watch and be amazed as you see Daniel Craig in a way that you’ve never seen him before…

I’m genuinely amazed with Craig in this. Not that I ever doubted his acting method but I’ll be honest, I never really saw him do any emotion past mild brooding.

But in this he’s like the complete opposite of the Bond that we’ve all come to know and love. Fair play to him.

Here’s the main trailer…

Logan Lucky will be in cinemas come the 25th of August.

I can’t wait!

Image via Bleeker Street

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