'Luke Cage' Announces Its New Heroes And Villains For Season 2


The first half of Netflix’s Luke Cage series was great. It was stylish, atmospheric and cool, with a great antagonist in Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth (don’t call him Cottonmouth!) and a likeable lead in Cage himself.

The second half of the season was a different story altogether (almost literally). The new antagonist, Diamondback, was awful. It was like Eric LaRay Harvey based his performance on Jesse Eisneberg’s Lex Luthor and Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. Bizarre.

Anyway, that’s not important now because, on the whole, the series was good, people liked it, and it’s getting a second season. But who’s going to be in the second season? Well…

Gabrielle Dennis is joining the fray as vigilante, Tilda Johnson (or Nightshade to Marvel fans). In the comics, she’s a genius who doesn’t want everyone to know. Along with that, she’s a proper anti-hero, a lot like Punisher. While she’s not totally a hero like what we’re used to in the MCU, she does fight for justice and alongside Luke Cage, there could be a fun disagreement in how they get work done.


Mustafa Shakir is next as John McIver who, according to Marvel, is “a natural leader, brimming with charisma, whose mission is focused on Harlem and vengeance.” He’s also the supervillain who goes by the ill-conceived name of Bushmaster – okay I know it follows the snake theme and he was created in the 70s but come on, that sounds like a male pornstar’s name, a hedge trimmer or a panty-line shaver. Marvel didn’t mention the whole Bushmaster thing when they announced, McIver though – they’ll probably go for the same angle as they did with Cottonmouth.


So yeah, some good casting there. Here’s to hoping Diamondback doesn’t come back for whatever reason. He really is rubbish. Even this bit annoyed me with him…


All the policemen shooting his body but it not working. Just aim for the bit of his face that isn’t protected… obviously. Rubbish writing for the second part of that season.

Hopefully season two is going to be much better.

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