Peter Parker's Vlog From 'Captain America: Civil War' Has Been Released And It's Brilliant


Spider-Man Homecoming is arriving in cinemas in three days and we’re all very excited. It marks the return of one of the world’s favourite superheroes and, apparently, it’s the best Spider-Man film yet.

Of course this won’t be the first time we see Tom Holland’s wonderful portrayal of the web-slinger, since he had a solid 20 or so minutes in Captain America: Civil War. He fought on the side of Tony Stark and, for the most part, was just a teen full of wonder, trying to impress his new boss.

But you have to wonder what went on in between Tony meeting Peter in his flat in Queens and then calling for him in the Berlin Airport. They wouldn’t have just gone straight from one place to the other and then had a fight, there must have been buttering up.

Well, the video that Marvel just released explains exactly what went on. Peter had the pleasure of travelling to Berlin with Tony’s head of security, Happy Hogan, and because he’s only 15-years-old, of course he filmed it all on his phone…

Those fellas at Marvel really know how to make me go and watch a film.

I am so insanely excited forĀ Homecoming, it’s going to be great. Even if I am equally insanely jealous of everything that Tom Holland has achieved in the last couple of years, I’m counting down the seconds until I can go and watch it.


Actually maybe three times is best?

Image via Marvel

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