Gordon Ramsey Is Tackling The Cocaine Industry In A Gritty New Documentary


With the UK being the biggest users of cocaine in Europe, second only in the world to the US, Gordon Ramsey thought he’d have a look at what was going on in his own documentary series.

Assuming his native Scotland was independent from the UK, they’d be the biggest users in the world, with 2.4% of the population saying that they take/have taken cocaine. This is compared to 2.3% for the US and Spain, 2.1% for Australia and 1.9% for the rest of the UK.

Team that with the fact that chefs love a bit of the old Charlie, and this whole cocaine epidemic probably hits fairly close to home for Gordon.


The two part documentary series for ITV, called Gordon on Cocaine, will follow the famous chef as he delves into the underworld of the Columbian cocaine trade, trying to find out as much about the drug as possible.

He said:

I’ve wanted to understand the ‘world’ of cocaine ever since I lost one of my chefs at my flagship restaurant in Chelsea and I wanted to learn why it’s becoming such an epidemic not just globally but specifically in the culinary world.

I dare anyone to watch this series and not think again about taking cocaine.


The documentary is gritty and shocking, but importantly an eye opener and hopefully a real education to all those in our industry and beyond.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Ramsey deals with these people at the forefront of massive drugs cartels. You can’t really imagine him being intimidated but then again, we’ve only ever seen him shout at celebrities and cooks. Hardly the toughest bunch out there.

Trying to get the root of the cocaine industry, Ramsey will speak to the traffickers, the smugglers, law enforcement and users.


Gordon on Cocaine is part of ITV’s Crime & Punishment season, which will feature documentaries from Ross Kemp and Sir Trevor McDonald.

Looking far too forward to this!

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