This Company Is Selling Weed-Infused Beer On Tap And We're Intrigued


It turns out that, these days, you can get access to pretty much anything infused with weed.

According to the Metro, there’s weed-infused coffee pods, cannabis candy floss, pot hot chocolate and drug sprinkled frozen pizzas available to purchase. If you like to feel high whilst you get your nails done (or perhaps during a cheeky trip to the spa), there are also all sorts of weed-infused beauty products available for your chilled delight.

Speaking of chill, it turns out that you can also kick back and get high with a special brand of Netflix cannabis – tailored to your favourite and most binge-worthy TV shows on their streaming service – from Orange is The New Black to Bojack Horseman.

Cannabis beer was also knocking about last year for a while, but weed-infused beer on tap is the newest addition to this ever growing list.

You can thank Lagunitas Brewing Company for this brand new invention. The California based company released the IPA infused with cannabis and named it ‘Supercritical‘.

Supercritical is the company’s first weed-infused beer, and is on limited release in California presently. They have, however, announced that they plan to expand production. The unique recipe of their Supercritical beer includes the brewing of hops and cannabis terpenes.

Unfortunately, for those of you looking for an intense buzz, the beer doesn’t contain the psychoactive part of weed (the bit that gets you high) which means that you’d mostly have to rely on the small pleasures of life instead.

The weed terpenes in this new beer are added just for flavour, folks.

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