These Are Officially The Most "Sex Mad" Cities In The World


Sex. Sexy. Sex.

If I spent as much time applying myself constructively at work as I do thinking about sex, I’d be running the place within months.

Unfortunately, I’m completely incapable of forgetting about sex for a couple of hours, so as a way to actually get any work out of me, they just give me all the sex related articles to write.

It’s actually a pretty effective style of micromanagement, even though I still get juiced up by stock images like these.

Fuck me, I’ve got issues.

Luckily, I live in London, so although dating can be ruthless at times, you can play the numbers game to ensure you have a semi-decent sex life.

London in general is a pretty sexy place to live, but which are the most sexual cities in the world?

Well, the good people at adult entertainment/hook up app, Lazeeva, have carried out a survey to determine that very thing.

The survey asked people who lived there to rank the city out of ten in the following areas: Sexually Active, Sexual Experimentation, Sexually Satisfied, Sex Toy Consumption, Porn Consumption, Adult Entertainment, Swinger Score, Access To Contraception, LGBT Friendliness and Gender Equality.

The top ten is as follows:

Paris – France

Rio De Janerio – Brazil

London – England

Los Angeles – USA

Berlin – Germany

New York – USA

Sao Paulo – Brazil

Las Vegas – USA

Ibiza – Spain

Amsterdam – Netherlands

See, I told you London was a sexy place.

The least sexually positive places were:

Cork – Ireland

Bratislava – Slovakia

Belgrade – Serbia

Graz – Austria

Linz – Austria

Salzberg – Austria

Toyko – Japan

Milan – Italy

Hannover – Germany

Chennai – India

Austria has had a bloody nightmare there – I don’t care how beautiful it is – I’m never going there.

Also, I was planning to go to Tokyo next year, so I might have to rethink that one now.

Lazeeva explains on their website:

“We wanted to look into how sex is viewed differently around the world, which cities have made progress towards sexual openness, and which would benefit from further liberation in future.

To try and quantify exactly how sexual a city is, a multitude of factors and a huge amount of data is needed from millions of people.

These factors included the libido of citizens and their porn consumption, but also the adult entertainment and swingers culture on offer in the location itself.

To recognise this, cities were also given a score for these factors.”

They added:

“We began by researching ten factors over 200 cities from around the world, before creating a final list of 100 where the full data was available.

Once we’d researched the ten factors and calculated the ranking, we added on something fun to end with: what term was most searched for on porn sites in each city.

In order to find out how sexually active, experimental and satisfied citizens of each city were, a survey involving more than 450,000 adults age 18 to 70 was conducted.

We also believe that to be truly sexually liberated, a city needs to have good access to modern contraception, a positive attitude to the LGBT community and equal rights for everyone.”

Other UK cities to feature in the top 50 were: Manchester (23), Glasgow (26), Birmingham (29), Liverpool (31), Bristol (39), Edinburgh (42) and Leeds (45).

You can see where your city ranks on the company’s website.

Thank goodness for that; I can finally sleep easy knowing that the most sexually active cities have been established.

But if London is one of the most sexual places on the planet, and I’m one of the most sex mad people in that city, does that make me one of the horniest people in the world?


Images via iStock/GIPHY

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