A Super-Strength Strain Of American Weed Is Now Being Sold In The UK


I have a very rocky relationship with weed.

In this country, it doesn’t have much of an effect on me; obviously I get similar side effects to most people: the munchies, terrible dry-mouth, a burning desire to speak for hours on end about how aliens control us and how fast-food chains put chemicals in food to kill people in order to solve the problem of overpopulation.

The usual stuff.

When I travelled across America though, I dabbled in their version of the herb. I had some ‘Cali Kush’ and I felt like I was going through some sort of exorcism ritual. I eventually turned into a giggle monster, trying to distract myself by going on the laptop and ultimately looking for Google Chrome in the Recycle Bin.

Until now, weed with that sort of potency has been pretty exclusive to our friends across the pond, but apparently, a new super-strength strain of American skunk is being sold on Britain’s streets.

Gorilla Glue, as it is known as, is supposed to be so strong that smokers of it are “stuck to their sofas for hours” after having a joint.

Over the past couple of months it has surfaced in Birmingham amongst many other cities, quickly becoming one of the most desirable and profitable drugs in Britain.

A dealer of it told Metro: “Everybody wants Gorilla Glue now, we cannot grow it fast enough, people are willing to pay £40 for a gram when a normal bag of skunk is £10.

‘The price went up because it is so strong so it lasts longer and also the supply is lagging behind demand.’

The drug is named after a well known US superglue and is described by an American weed dispensary as: ‘a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling glued to the couch.’

The original Gorilla Glue skunk was invented in Colorado in 2014 by combining two potent strains to create a hybrid with a high THC content.

It has been recognised as one of the top three strains with the most powerful psychoactive effects, and even won the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, which sounds like the greatest competition in the world.

I best stay well away from it, I’d end up chewing my own arm off or something.

And you should avoid it to – drugs are bad, people (my editor says I’m obliged to say that).

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H/T: Metro

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