This Is The Time Of The Month When Women Have Better Orgasms


Are you pent up with sexual anxiety because you either don’t cum hard enough or can’t make others cum as hard as they’d like? Well, though it probably is your fault, there’s now the possibility that your timing’s a bit off.

And when I say your timing, I don’t mean that you’re cumming ten minutes earlier than you should be, I mean on a larger scale.

You know how women have a time of the month for when they fall to the communists, have the painters in, aunt Flo visits, have the crimson tide? Well it turns out they also have a time of the month where orgasms are a lot better than usual.

Fascinating creatures, women. I hope to one day meet one.


A lady’s sexual desire is influenced by the hormones that flow about during their cycle, namely oestrogen and progesterone. With this, women will largely feel that they are horniest just before they start to ovulate.

You may have noticed by now if you own one of those womb things, you’re feeling at your most… ravenous (???) just before you’re on the blob, and this is apparently to be taken advantage of.

And not only are you desiring it more, studies show that orgasms achieved by women during this time are more intense and pleasurable than normal.


Similarly though, there’s a time of the month in which a woman’s sexual desire and orgasm satisfaction are at their lowest. That must be when I do it. Coincidence.

Generally, a woman’s sex drive is at it’s lowest when there’s more progesterone being produced; something that happens during the luteal phase (the second part of their cycle).


In a similar vein, the type of sex women prefer during their cycle differs. A study shows that heterosexual women prefer penetrative sex to oral sex during ovulation, but I’d have thought that would be on account of all of the blood-to-mouth contact… but then I literally have no clue.

Obviously it’s important to remember that we’re all different and most of it actually depends on how turned on someone is. It may be a day or two before the start of a girl’s period but it’s unlikely that she’d be particularly hot for someone who’s eating cold beans out of a can and sitting on a sofa in the same clothes they’ve worn for the whole week. That’s my example of an undesirable person.

Anyway, have fun having sex.

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