10 Retro Phones That You'll Remember From Your Teenage Years


Ah the days before iPhone Xs, phones that cost a grand, and emojis… 

While many still boast a retro mobile phone, the sad fact of the matter is that modern life basically requires a smartphone. However, that’s not to say that the phones that saw us through our youth weren’t spectacular in their own way. On Blackberry devices you could even individualise the text alert colour so you knew who had messaged you without even having to have your phone face up. Clever.

Plus, phones back in the day were definitely more varied; you could get a Sony Ericsson, a Motorola, a Nokia – the list was pretty much endless.

We’ve ranked the top 10 best retro phones:

10. Motorola v70


There was nothing quite as funky as the Motorola V70. Designed in some strange swivelling circular panel, the phone truly capitalised on the inventive designs of noughties mobiles. Despite its swish opening, the phone itself was actually pretty basic even for its day; there wasn’t even colour display.

9. Ericsson T28


The kind of phone your dad got when he was trying to be ‘trendy’. The Ericsson T28 featured a sort of half flip, in which the keypad, but not the screen, was covered by a flippable screen. This was a semi-stylish phone for an up and coming parent. Those same fogies who purchased the Ericsson T28 were probably among the first of their age to delve into the smartphone scene.

8. T. Mobile SideKick II


One of the original multi-purpose phones, the T. Mobile Sidekick proved to people that phones didn’t need to just be for phoning. It was always particularly pleasing to slide up the bottom edge of the screen and reveal a full QWERTY keyboard underneath. One tech website described the phone upon its release as “sickeningly hip”– oh how times have changed.

7. Motorola Pebl

motorola-pebl-pink-full-1 tn_motorola_pebl_colors

Shaped like a small stone, the Motorola Pebl was satisfying to hold and also came in a range of different colours: black, grey, pink, green, blue, red, orange. Not only could you match your Pbl to your outfit, but the phone also boasted the then coveted hinge design with a magnetic closure.

6. BlackBerry Bold


The BlackBerry Bold was launched in 2008 and revolutionised texting. The QWERTY keyboard took your messaging capabilities to whole new levels- now you could reel off text after text without breaking a sweat.

5. LG Chocolate


Released in 2006, the LG Chocolate was iconic. Perhaps LG put style before substance, but teenage me just did not care; this phone was the phone to be seen with during break-times. Also the glowing red LEDs showed off the emerging touch screen features phones were beginning to use. What wasn’t quite so desirable was the lurid pink version of the phone; best to stick to the classic black if you wanted style points.

4. BlackBerry Curve


The BlackBerry Curve was for the more fashion conscious BlackBerry fans. It had a certain va-va-voom that the Bold just couldn’t master.

3. Sony Ericsson W800


The Sony Ericsson W800 was the first Walkman-branded phone (yup, that’s how old this phone is… Walkman were still a thing).  Its distinctive orange and white design made it iconic.

2. Motorola Razr V3


Nicknamed the ‘King of Thin’ and truly symbolising the golden age of Motorola products, the Motorola Razr was the bees knees. Just like its popular playmate the Pebl, the Razr was also released in a range of different colours thus allowing you to express your ‘individuality’ whilst owning one of the most popular phones of the mid-late noughties.

1. Nokia 3210


The OG of retro phones. The Nokia 3210 had an inexhaustible battery, was a nice handy shape and had the much sought after Snake game. Plus, the phone was pretty much unbreakable. In fact, I’m pretty sure it could withstand a nuclear war, that’s how sturdy this little guy was. You could even buy stickers, fluffy covers, and coloured rubber keyboard panels in order to pimp your phone.

This phone is so beloved that Nokia have even brought out a new version of the classic. And yeah, we’re pretty sure your MCM has got one.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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