Fifth Harmony's Security Mistakes Singer For Fan And Drags Her Off Stage


Fifth Harmony. A band, apparently. I hear they’re from Miami, under Syco Records, and used to have five members and now have four. It’s a roller coaster and one that some people are invested in.

But it looks like their search for a new fifth member hit an interesting climax as Becky G, who is currently opening for the group on their tour, rushed onto stage to help Dinah Jane when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Fifth member material?


Performing in Argentina, Jane’s outfit ripped, prompting Becky G to run on and tie an Argentine flag around her waist to protect her modesty, Little did the security know though, that Becky wasn’t just some fan who had snuck her way onto the stage.

In some seriously awkward footage, you can see Becky G running to Dinah’s help, only to be promptly dragged off stage by her arm by a bouncer. It’s like ‘nice guys finish last’ except real and with women helping out women instead of men in fedoras trying to pull… so not at all like that.

Have a watch…


Luckily for Becky, Ally Brooke was fairly quick to tell the security officer that he had made a mistake and that Becky was cool to come on stage. How nice…

Becky G later took to Twitter, joking that her arm hurt, but still made sure to stick up for the security…

At least she got to awkwardly dance?

But seriously, who are these girls?

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