Gin Flavoured Mince Pies Are Coming This Christmas


It’s official: the world has gone gin mad.

Look, I love gin and I’m all for creative gin products, especially when they’re to do with Christmas. Gin advent calendars, for example, are a brilliant idea as are gin baubles. However, Aldi have just released a new gin themed product that has me questioning whether or not the whole thing has just gone a bit too far.

Aldi have just announced that they’re bringing ‘Sloe Gin Mince Tarts’ to our shelves this festive period.

Okay so the whole alcohol-dessert combo isn’t exactly unorthodox but when I heard about the release of these gin pies I have to admit I went on a bit of a rant. It was all just too much.


Having calmed down, I can now start to appreciate the appeal of these Christmassy creations. Mince pies, it has to be said, are one of the best things about Christmas. They’re substantial enough to feel like a proper pudding but they’re also small enough to cram in after the whole Turkey hoopla.

Aldi have described the millennial targeted mince pies as “a very sophisticated alternative to the traditional mince pies” , with the products containing a mincemeat and sloe gin filling, sprinkled with flaked almonds.

Probably the reason they’re called ‘mince tarts’ instead of ‘mince pies’ on the packaging is to help the treats align as a “very sophisticated alternative”. But at £2.29 per box, you’re not fooling anyone Aldi; these bad boys are pies through and through.

mince pies

The more I consider them, the more I like the sound of them and they even have me thinking of other Christmas foods that could be improved by a bit of gin magic. Off the top of my head, a gin glazed ham or pigs in blankets might go down a treat (Aldi, if you’re reading, you’re welcome).

Aldi aren’t the only ones to have got carried away with themed foods. Tesco recently released their frankly bizarre Candy Cane Crisps (erm, what?).

Considering the fact that it’s only October and the corporate world has already got us salivating / grimacing over different festive foods, I can’t wait to see what other crazy concoctions they’re going to spring upon us in the lead up to Christmas.

Will you buy these? Let us know in the comments.

Images via ALDI / GIPHY

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