New Dating App "Huggle" Is A Serious Game Changer


Is it me or has Tinder become a bit of a bore?

Once you get past the whole ‘hooking up’ phase – which is a blast, don’t get me wrong – you can often find that a lot of the meet ups are lacking in any real substance and devoid of anything that meaningful.

I’ve completely exhausted my matches to the point where I’ve given up on them, so recently I’ve been on the look out for a replacement dating app, and I actually think I may have found something even better.

Huggle is a new dating/social app with a difference. Although dating is very much an option on it, it’s more geared towards matching people of similar interests and those that, you know, you have genuine things in common with.

This means that – thank goodness – those awkward meet-ups where you’ve got nothing to talk about might (finally) be a thing of the past.


From there you can either decide to become friends and hang out casually, or pursue something a little more, shall we say, romantic.

In fact, you can set your preferences to just look for friends on the app, which is pretty unique and a bit of a bonus if that’s all you’re after.

Huggle works like many of the dating apps you’re probably familiar with (face-swiping, bios etc.) but instead of setting you up with someone based on what they look like, it matches you with people based on where you’ve been.

So, if it’s a gig, a bar, or a restaurant, Huggle uses hyper-local technology (like geo-locations on Instagram) to set you up with the people who have also visited the same place.

Pretty genius, right? And it means that you’ll also have a shared interest to kick the convo off with instead of the standard ‘hey, how’s it going’ like I usually go for.

Having just moved to London, I can tell you that making friends here can be hard, but with over 300,000 Huggle users in the city alone, it gives me a great chance of chatting to people who I might ordinarily have just missed or been a bit too shy to approach.

Over the next few days it’ll be pretty interesting to see how it goes on the app, but I’ll be back to let you know what happens.

(Keep your fingers crossed for loads of matches for me.)

I’m pretty confident that Huggle might finally be a ‘dating/social’ app I can get on board with, though; I mean, if it’s good enough for Katie Price, then it’s good enough for me.

Onwards and upwards indeed, Katie.

You can download Huggle here Рlet us know your success stories in the comments. 

Images via Huggle/iStock/Twitter

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