New Horror Movie Starring Helen Mirren Is Based On A True Story (And The Trailer Will Scare You Sh*tless)


If you’re anything like me when it comes to horror movies, you’re probably both happy and terrified that it’s currently scary movie season. 

Halloween is around the corner, which means scary stuff is filling up our movie and TV screens. The easily scared are jumping left right and centre, but the more hardy horror fans are having the time of their lives.

There’s a new Saw movie hitting cinemas soon, IT has turned out to be one of the most successful horror movies of all time. We’ve even been blessed with a new Insidious movie – what more could we possibly want?


A Helen Mirren horror movie, of course. If you can survive the rest of the horror-filled 2017, early in 2018 Mirren’s new movie Winchester will be released.

Based on a true story, the movie is set to terrify everyone who dares watch it. Mirren plays widowed heiress Sarah Winchester, whose husband William Wirt Winchester was the son of  Oliver Winchester, the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company – AKA a maker of guns.


In 1880 Sarah’s father-in-law passed away, followed shortly by her husband in 1881, leaving her with $20 million in inheritance (about $496 million in today’s money), 50% ownership of the company and an income of $1k a day ($25k in today’s money).

Basically, she was loaded.


According to legend, despite her riches she was convinced that she was cursed. She allegedly sought out a medium, who told her that she was haunted by the spirits of every single person who had been killed by a Winchester rifle, and that she should move across the country and build a house big enough for both her and all of the tormented spirits.


In 1884, she moved to California and bought a large eight bedroom farmhouse. Immediately after, she began spending her inheritance by having workers at the house 24/7, increasing the number of rooms and bathrooms, and renovating the existing ones.

The house’s layout was confusing and often ridiculous. It is renowned for having stairs that lead to nowhere, doors that don’t have rooms behind them and windows that face out onto walls. Some claim that this was Sarah’s attempt to confuse the spirits that haunted her, but others blamed it on her lack of architectural understanding.

tour-hist-winchester4-435 (1)

She was alleged obsessed with the number 13, and her house had 13 bathrooms, the chandeliers have 13 candles, and many of the windows have 13 panes of glass. Her will was separated into 13 sections which she signed 13 times. Spooky.

Check out the trailer:

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