There's A Storm Called "Brian" Coming To The UK, And Music Fans Are All Making The Same Joke


It’s going to be a bit blustery tomorrow, courtesy of a certain “Storm Brian”.

The Met Office reckon that it’ll bring strong winds and wet weather to both the UK and Ireland, from 4am on Saturday morning right through to midnight.

That, on its own, is pretty dull news. Essentially it’s a weather report, and we here at The Hook aren’t in the business of bringing you weather reports. Consult Apple Weather for that. Or maybe the BBC.

What we’re enjoying about this particular bulletin is the fact that the storm is called “Brian”. It’s a “Brianstorm” if you will…

(Any non-fans of Arctic Monkeys must be feeling pretty confused right now…)

Fans of the band, however, are having an absolute field day:

Is anyone else horrified to find out that Favourite Worst Nightmare came out ten whole years ago??

Now we’re feeling old.

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

Images via Getty / Twitter / The Met Office 

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