Amir Khan Is The Highest Paid "I'm A Celeb" Contestant Ever


We’re well underway into 2017’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’; one contestant has already been axed for previous behaviour, the campmates have split into teams, and the public have quite a clear indication of who’s a bore (Vanessa White), and who’s got something about them (Amir Khan).

You can always tell who the public are engaging with the most, since they are often the ones who are chosen to compete in the god-awful challenges. Due to Khan having ‘something about him’, it’s no surprise that he’s been chosen to compete in a fair few of the Bushtucker trials – with his involvement in tonight’s upcoming task being announced last night.

In all honesty, his hilarious reaction after grabbing a snake in the first challenge no doubt has doomed Khan to an I’m A Celeb experience wracked with Bushtucker mayhem.

And it turns out it’s a good thing that the public seem to be enjoying Khan so much, since he happens to be earning a very pretty packet for his time on the show.

While it was previously reported that former boxing world champion Khan was earning around £250,000 for his stint in the jungle, alongside other “big” names such as Stanley Johnson, apparently he’s receiving quite a bit more than that.


Khan’s jungle experience is reportedly seeing him being paid over £400,000, which surpasses the highest amount any contestant has ever been bagged for their time Down Under.

Katie Price previously held the show’s financial record fee, earning £400,000 for her second appearance on the show.

However, it’s said that Khan is earning more than Price. Sources connected to the show said:

Amir was a great get, but he came at a hefty cost. He’s going to be the best paid celeb they’ve ever had.”

“There have been rumours of huge sums being paid to the celebrities but they’re often highly exaggerated.”

“Katie Price got somewhere close, but Amir’s is slightly higher again.”


Reports of Khan’s earnings for participating in the show come after tweets being discovered that appeared to show the boxer poking fun at those who appeared on I’m A Celeb, calling them “has-beens”.

In tweets from 2012, Khan was asked by a fan if he’d be making his way into the jungle anytime soon, and he basically responded saying fat chance. Five years on and a brutal knock-out fresh in his memory, Khan must have decided that perhaps now he was ‘has-been’ enough to subject himself to a Bushtucker trial. Oh how the mighty have fallen…


While Khan may be basking in the Benjamins for his decision to partake in I’m A Celeb, most of the contestant won’t be earning even half of what he’s bagging.

Apparently salaries generally range from £25,000 to £250,000, with now-axed campmate Jack Maynard picking up the lowest fee out of this year’s cohorts.


Plus, contestants only have to slog out a mere 72 hours in the jungle in order to get their full pay out.

This means that TOWIE’s Gemma Collins would have been paid at least £25,000 to spend three days hyperventilating over helicopter rides, complaining about food rations, and claiming she had malaria.


Oh these “celebs” live a hard life.

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