ASDA Are Selling A Gigantic Foot-Long Eclair Just In Time For Christmas


The bigger the better, eh?

While this saying is often wrongly applied to male genitalia (it’s about how you use it, not the size fellas), it is highly accurate when regarding foodstuffs. Why have a 6inch Sub when you could have a foot-long? Why snack on a normal packet of Doritos when you could have a sharing pack? And why stick to a standard Millie’s Cookie when you could get one of their massive cake-sized ones?

We Brits are increasingly veering towards the weighty opinion of our American counter-parts and are ever more considering supersized foods as premium.

Gone are the days of dinky foods being in vogue. Cocktail sausages and mini cheddars used to be the bee’s knees but now it’s all about ridiculously sized foods such as Morrisons’ foot-long sausage roll and their hefty 4.5kg Toblerone bar, which, incidentally weighs more than the average new-born.


Joining the ranks of these gigantic creations is ASDA’s foot long chocolate éclair, which is arriving just in time for our Christmas indulgence.

Eclairs are the kind of pudding that are produced at particularly fancy food occasions. Cream, chocolate, and choux pastry- what’s not to love? Eclairs are a people pleaser.

However, one drawback to éclairs is that you often finish the decadent dessert feeling like you could have had a little bit (or a lot) more.

Rows of chocolate eclairs in a bakery shop.

Luckily ASDA have set out to right this wrong by producing their massive foot-long creation.


According to ASDA, their masterpiece is as long as about three standard éclairs and as high as two, therefore making the final product the equivalent of six delicious éclairs.

ASDA described their product as a “choux pastry éclair filled with chocolate mousse and caramel flavour fudge icing, topped with chocolate fondant, caramel flavour fudge icing and gold coloured sweet dusting.”


Arriving in shops from 14th December, this delicious product will cost you £5, which doesn’t seem unreasonable for a gigantic chocolate pudding.

However, in actual fact forking out £5 means that you’ll be paying over the odds. A pack of four standard éclairs at ASDA costs just £1, which means that you could be walking away with eight eclairs for the bargain price of £2. This is compared to the giant éclair’s equivalent total of six for £5.


Paying extra for products does seem to be the norm, with Morrisons’ colossal Toblerone being- for all intents and purposes- a rip off. Their 4.5kg creation costs a whopping £57, yet if you were to buy that amount of chocolate in standard Toblerone bars it would only cost you £37.50 – £19.50 less than the massive one.

Even so, in ASDA’s case the extra £3 is worth it for the novelty factor alone. Just imagine the buzz when you show up to your Christmas nibbles with an éclair large enough to rival the yule log.

Perhaps one of the only issues with this mighty éclair is the question of how you’re going to make your way through it. Everyone knows that cutting in half a cream-filled dessert spells bad news; it splurges out the sides, and leaves the middle looking deflated and sad.

Going in mouth first isn’t any more attractive, with the cream often spurting out the end in a way that makes you want to avoid eye contact with anyone around.

Then again, who cares how you look? You’re eating a foot-long éclair for Christ sake; you are most definitely winning at life.

Do you want to try this? Let us know in the comments.

Images via ASDA / GIPHY / iStock / Toblerone 

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