You Can Now Stay In A House Made Entirely Of LEGO


Remember that programme on the BBC where James May would do various cool things with toys? The best episode was obviously when he made a house out of LEGO.

Look at it, it’s magnificent.


I remember watching it when it came out eight years ago (?!?!) and thinking that it was infinitely better than any house could ever hope to be, but apparently I was wrong, since it’s just been beaten.

Sure, the house that beat it is also made out of LEGO, so it just goes to show that little plastic bricks are better than the real thing.

And guess what? You can stay in the house for free if you’re lucky enough.


The house comes courtesy of Airbnb and LEGO, who have teamed up to launch an overnight experience inside the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. It looks pretty fantastic.

To win your night in the LEGO house, you have to write in to Airbnb, saying what you and your family would build if you had an infinite supply of LEGO. Seems easy enough, right?


When you’re there, you’ll be sleeping in your own LEGO room, beneath a LEGO waterfall… a LEGOfall? No that sounds rubbish.

You’ll also be assisted in trying to complete you dream build, with the help of the Airbnb host, Jamie Berard, who is one of LEGO’s best master builders. What a job.


The winners will arrive at the house on the 24th of November in time for lunch, where they will be asked to build their lunch order out of LEGO, before it’s taken away and made into a real meal.

After lunch, the house will close to the public, leaving you – the winner – to run around and explore, under the watchful eye and guiding hand of Jamie. You can also see all of of the building’s amazing attractions, such as the Tree of Creativity, made from more than six million bricks and the Experience Zones, where you can take part in activities like directing your own film, engineer robotic cars and design cities and whatnot.

It doesn’t look all that comfy though, even the teddy bears are LEGO…


Last and certainly not least, you’ll then be taken to the part of the house that has been transformed into an almost 100% LEGO house, with its two bedrooms, LEGO pool and a living room.

Anyone looking to win this has to enter by the 16th of November, and will be flown there from anywhere in the world.


You can enter here. I know I will.

Good luck but please don’t beat me.

Images via LEGO, Airbnb, BBC

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