Cole Sprouse Just Hilariously Roasted Himself On Twitter And People Loved It


Cole Sprouse is one of the internet shocks, isn’t he? There’s something about dreamy guys that makes you think “sure, he’s hot, but he’s probably a massive dullard”. The same thing happened with Ryan Reynolds.

None of us expected anything from these guys expect for them to look pretty, and then they got on Twitter and posted hilarious stuff. If you’re not following Sprouse (either Cole or Dylan, they’re both good) then you should be – big lols, trust you me.

In case you need evidence for that, here’s a few golden tweets…

He’s basically a Buzzfeed editor’s wet dream.

But that’s besides the point, the other night he was at it again, tweeting funny things and being fit.

He hit us with:

A sad and true fact that the leaders of the world have yet to address.

To that, Lili Reinhart replied…

He wasn’t going to let her have the last laugh, so he responded by saying…

People loved it, of course.

He played himself.

What a guy.

Images via Getty, Twitter

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