The Creator Of 'Peaky Blinders' Is Making A New BBC Series With Tom Hardy


If you read ‘A Christmas Carol’ and thought, “that book’s okay but it needs more grit and swearing”, then today is your lucky day. 

Steven Knight (best known as the writer of Peaky Blinders and Taboo) is teaming up with Ridley Scott and Tom Hardy to create a BBC series of Charles Dickens’ most-loved works.


He’ll be starting with an adaptation of the aforementioned Christmas Carol, which will be a three-parter set to drop around Christmas 2019.

Apart from that, Knight hasn’t revealed which of Dickens’ books he’ll be re-imaging, but we’d guess that the likes of Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and A Tale of Two Cities will make the cut.

It’ll be a “box set of Dickens” that won’t shy away from the darker elements to the story.


As a BBC spokesperson revealed:

“Steven’s unique ability to reimagine the past and to turn it into must-see drama make him the perfect writer to reinvent Dickens’ most famous works for a new generation.

And in A Christmas Carol, the most familiar of Dickens’ stories, he has found the perfect place to start.”

There’s no details on who’ll be starring, but given that he’s signed up to executive produce the series, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Hardy step into one of the roles.

Tom Hardy

The BBC have had huge success with literary adaptations in the past. Their three-part interpretation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None was a huge hit at Christmas 2015, and was followed up by a two-part adaptation of Witness For The Prosecution, which came out in December last year.


You can check out what the BBC have in store for us this Christmas here.

Are you excited about this “box set of Dickens”? Let us know in the comments! 

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