We're Getting A Second Season Of 'Mindhunter'


It’s fairly rare for Netflix to have a miss when it comes to their original series. 

From their earliest attempts (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards), to the shows that they’ve commissioned in more recent years (Stranger Things, The Crown), they’ve proven themselves to have a knack for spotting talent, and for releasing the kind of series that are difficult to turn off.


Sure, there’s the odd flop (Gypsy wasn’t great), but they’re few and far between. As a general rule, if Netflix are releasing a highly-anticipated new original series, it’s safe to get your hopes up.

Mindhunter is one such success story. Starring Johnathan Groff (Frozen, Looking), Holt McCallany (Gangster Squad) and Anna Torv (Mistresses, Fringe), it sees two FBI agents touring the USA in the 1970’s, interviewing serial killers in an attempt to learn more about criminal psychology.


It was released back in October, and became pretty much an instant hit. Fans (us included) went wild for the dark tone; it’s addictive, absorbing and completely draws you in.

It should come as no surprise, then, that we’re getting a second season.

Director David Fincher has confirmed that they’ll be shooting in 2018 (which hopefully means we’ll get a late 2018 release date), and that the new episodes will be centred around the infamous child murders that took place in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981.


At least 28 African American children and teenagers (as well as a couple of adults) were killed over the span of two years.

The FBI were called in, and – after creating a profile of the killer using their new behavioural science techniques – they caught 23-year-old Wayne Williams. They found solid evidence tying him to two of the murders (both victims adult), and Williams was charged and eventually convicted to two consecutive life sentences.


While he was never formally charged or convicted for the child murders (and he maintains his innocence to this day), the FBI are certain – thanks to behavioural science – that he’s guilty of all 28 killings.

If you haven’t seen season one of Mindhunter yet, you can watch the trailer here:

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