Guy Discovers Hilariously Dirty Scene While Watching 'Fireman Sam'


Ah, to be a kid again.

The world is such a simple place; the only thing you have to be concerned with is building dens out of fallen branches, pestering your parents for one more packet of Merlin’s stickers to complete your Premier League 2002 sticker book, holding out for a packet of strawberry Chewits at your local swimming baths, and making sure you’re home in time for tea (which you hope is Findus Crispy Pancakes).

Those days are long gone, though, because now the world is sullied by the depraved and sex-mad minds of human adults, who have a remarkable tendency to find the disgusting in the downright innocent.

Don’t believe we all have our minds in the gutter? Take a look at this perfectly innocuous clip then.

@Adamtranter was watching Fireman Sam use his hose to great effect (the innuendos have already started) with his kids, when he noticed one peculiar scene involving two uniformed men, with one appearing to help the other who has found himself stuck in a chair.

Perfectly inoffensive, right? Well, watch the clip and see what you think.

It’s hard to dress it up any other way; the only heat these firefighters should be concerned with is their burning loins, because it clearly looks like the older gentleman is bending over the younger bloke and rogering him senseless with his fireman’s pole.

The groans and facial expressions don’t exactly help either – the silver-haired fox sounds like he hasn’t had any in years and is about to decorate the kitchen with one triumphant splurt.

Surely the animators must have been aware of what it looked like, but maybe they kept it in there to provide some comic relief to those poor parents who have to sit through kids TV all day.

Anyway, loads of people on Twitter were making jokes about it:

It’s not the first time adults have spotted questionable things in children’s books and TV shows. Apparently, these NSFW moments happen more often than you’d think, so here’s a few more that are bound to tickle your pickle:


Hey, those lips look like an arsehole!


Porn parody idea: Thomas the Wank Engine?

It’s because she’s getting drilled, you inquisitive rascal!

Get it, cooking with Pooh – as in cooking with shit.

Vaginas, lol.

Devilishly dirty shiz.

Images via Twitter/Imgur/GIPHY

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