We're All Invited To Prince Harry's Stag Do


Yesterday, I made it abundantly clear that I could not care less about this royal wedding.

I’d barely be excited about the wedding of someone I knew, never mind the engagement of a guy who’s never going to be king and a woman I wouldn’t recognise if I fell over her.

Having said that, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m not slightly interested in what a potential royal stag do would be like, particularly if it’s Harry’s.

He’s like what all of us would be like if we were royalty; he’s had a free pass to behave a bit more irresponsibly than William because he’ll never sit on the throne which means he spent most of his 20’s behaving like any reckless youngster would do.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t find out what his actual stag will be like (if he even has one), but we can at least pretend after a spoof stag do event popped up on Facebook just hours after the big announcement.

The event, titled ‘Prince Harry’s Stag Do’ already has 36,000 people confirmed to attend, with a further 102,000 stating that they’re interested to celebrate the prince’s nuptials.

A description for the events reads:

“Bunga Bunga Prince is getting married! Let’s celebrate with him!

Let it be known that marriage unites people… people from every tribe, nation, and meme page… come together… to celebrate love.”

There’s very little information on the event so far, with the date, time, and location yet to be confirmed, but apparently it’s provisional set for 10th May at 4.20pm, until 12th May, 2018.

I’ve already booked it off as holiday.

The event was originally set up by students, with one of the administrators for the page saying that he was“shocked” by the response and that it had started off as “a bit of a joke”.

While it’s highly unlikely an event like this will actually happen, it does make you wonder what kind of debauchery the party loving prince would get up to on a stag do.

See who can last the longest speaking to someone from the working class? A ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ drinking game? Would everyone have to turn up in Nazi fancy dress?

As I said, I guess we’ll never know.

Images via Getty/BBC

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