Jude Law Is Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Jude Law will be joining the Marvel Universe with his new role in the upcoming ‘Captain Marvel’ film, as the iconic character of ‘Mar-Vell’. 

The upcoming flick will star Brie Larson (Room, Kong: Skull Island, Short Term 12) as Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who suddenly develops superpowers of strength, energy protection and flight when her DNA is accidentally fused with that of an aliens during an incident.


Jude Law will play Doctor Walter Lawson, the human identity of a Kree hero, whose real name is actually ‘Mar-Vell‘.

Mar-Vell will be something of a mentor to Carol Denvers (Brie Larson’s character) as she learns to cope with and eventually harness her new superpowers.

According to Variety, the President of Marvel studios, Kevin Feige, previously announced that ‘Captain Marvel‘ will be set in the 90’s, before the assembling of the Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson is also expected to return as Nick Fury in this flick.


Unfortunately, fans will have to wait quite a while until the flick hits cinemas, as reports suggest that the film won’t get its release until March 8th, 2019.

But, of course, this little bit of information hasn’t stopped people from expressing their excitement at Jude Law’s casting on social media:

Luckily for lovers of the ‘Young Pope‘ actor, however, there will be plenty to tide you over until Captain Marvel’s 2019 release.

Law will be taking on the iconic role of young Albus Dumbledore in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald  – set to hit cinemas on November 16th 2018. He has also recently just wrapped filming for a new Woody Allen film starring Elle Fanning.


According to Variety, Jude Law is also set to start filming for a movie described as as ‘spy thriller‘, alongside Blake Lively.

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Images via Warner Bros. / Getty / Twitter

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