M&M's Have Finally Released A Sequel To Their Iconic Christmas Advert


Some of the most beloved adverts hook you in by creating characters that you can really route for throughout a series of sequels.

The BT advert including My Family star Kris Marshall (Adam) and Spooks’ Esther Hall (Jane) is a prime example of a really successful sequel of adverts. Beginning in 2005, for six wonderful years we followed the ups and downs of the fictional couple, including moving house, separating, getting pregnant and preparing for a wedding.


A particular fan favourite to the BT advert sequence was when the grown-up version of Jane’s son was played by none other than Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging’s Dave The Laugh (what a dream boat).

This year’s cohort of Christmas adverts have also seen some pretty successful sequels, with Aldi’s Kevin the carrot having his narrative expanded since last year’s Christmas feature, through meeting a very minxy Katie the carrot.


And it turns out that M&M’s – everyone’s favourite cheeky chocolate treats – have also been granted a top-notch sequel – one that is, in some ways, even better than the original commercial.

If you’re currently wracking your brain trying to remember when on earth M&M’s had an iconic Christmas advert, then cast your mind back 20 years.

In this Christmas M&M flick, mischievous chappies Red and Yellow surprise Father Christmas whilst he is mid-gift giving, causing him to pass out from shock – or perhaps it was the one too many sherries he’d no doubt consumed throughout his festive shift. However, instead of providing us with a happy ending, this was how the advert concluded.

But then what? Did Father Christmas wake up? Did everyone get their presents? Were Red and Yellow remorseful? Did they get put on the naughty list? So many unanswered questions have been floating around these past 20 years. It’s a wonder how we’ve managed to get anything done at all with these weighty musings on our minds.

However, M&M’s have finally put an end to our misery and have revealed the happenings after this cliff-hanger.

Beginning where the previous advert left off, this year sees Yellow take on the task of Father Christmas’s challenge, flying through the night rather ungainly on Santa’s sleigh, causing all sorts of havoc by delivering the wrong presents.

Luckily, Santa awakens from his, frankly, very dramatic faint (we honestly thought he’d be less traumatised by some anthropomorphic M&M’s considering he rides through the sky on a magical sleigh) and tries to stop Yellow before it’s all too late.

However, instead of ruining Christmas, it seems that Yellow may have made it even better, as neighbours are seen exchanging gifts and conversing warmly in a way that is only ever seen on festive ads. The advert ends with a heartening sentiment: “Bring everyone together with M&M’s”.


Even so, in my experience, sharing some M&M’s is not an pastime that unites, but divides with everyone trying to grab the lion’s share of the tasty little chocolate (or peanut) bites.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Images via YouTube / iStock / BT / Aldi 

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