Piers Morgan And James Blunt Are Arguing On Twitter, And Things Are Getting Weird


Piers Morgan enjoys his keyboard warrior rants. If it’s not J. K. Rowling or Sir Alan Sugar, then Morgan’s tirade of pompous and bigoted opinions get directed at random members of the public.

As much as Morgan is deplored by the majority of the sane population, Kolo Toure is adored. The former Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, and Celtic player holds a beloved place in the public’s heart, with a little helping from this meme.


You’re probably wondering what on earth Piers Morgan has to do with Kolo Toure, and you might be surprised to know that none other than James Blunt is the missing key to the puzzle (with a smidgen of Olly Murs and Toni Kroos thrown in for good measure).

attends the National Television Awards on January 25, 2017 in London, United Kingdom.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 06: Kolo Toure, former Arsenal & Manchester City player talks during day 3 of the Soccerex Global Convention at Manchester Central Convention Complex on September 6, 2017 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Barrington Coombs/Getty Images for Soccerex)

On Friday, following reports of an incident at London’s Oxford Circus, Murs live tweeted his experience in Selfridges, making it sound like he was in ‘nam.

Morgan then took to his favourite social media platform (Twitter) to shoot down what he saw as Murs scaremongering.

Murs then proceeded to defend himself, suggesting that Morgan would have done something similar had he been in the same position.

A pretty standard Twitter exchange by Morgan’s record anyway.

However, things started heating up when everyone’s favourite mopey popstar got involved to give his two cents on the matter.

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 20: James Blunt performs on SiriusXM's The Pulse Channel hosted by Ron Ross at SiriusXM Studio on September 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

James Blunt responded to Morgan’s trolling of Murs by claiming that Morgan himself wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of reliable journalism.

Morgan wasn’t best pleased (obviously), and decided to call out footballer Toni Kroos for ‘liking’ Blunt’s response.

Considering Morgan recently claimed that he didn’t get punched daily because he was “6ft 1in, 102 kilos, come from an extensive military family, fear nobody and have sparred, successfully, with Manny Pacquiao and Mike Tyson”, Kroos really better WATCH OUT.

Then things took a turn for the weird when it appeared that Kolo Toure was also weighing in on the Twitter spat.

Twitter account ‘KoloKolotoure28’ told Morgan to “Shut the fuck up”. Fair.

The exchange continued:

Pretty thrilling stuff…

However, sadly for Morgan, ‘KoloKolotoure28’ wasn’t actually the real Kolo Toure, but just some randomer on the internet. Morgan got catfished (HA).

We bet Morgan is well p*ssed that he wasted those golden insults on a fraudster Toure.

We have to thank Twitter for pulling together such an unorthodox combination of personalities; a misogynistic ‘journalist’, two washed up pop singers, and the parody account of a much beloved footballer.

Don’t worry Piers… there’s no need to be upset…


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