The Trailer For Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War' Is Here And It's Everything


How is it that Marvel have released a trailer that’s more entertaining and fulfilling that anything DC have managed to cough up in the last five and a half years?

The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has just been released and there’s every chance that it’s the best thing I’ve ever watched. We’ve been building up to this moment for the best part of ten years, and finally we can see how it sort of climaxes.

Marvel teased the release of the trailer yesterday, tweeting this and posting it to YouTube, showing fan’s reactions to trailers for previous Marvel films, and it was pretty cool…

And now, a day later, we’ve been given this stunner. This masterpiece. This two and a half minute long video that’s rendered me speechless but I still can’t shut up, somehow… it’s a paradox. Watch it.

How sexy is Chris Evans with a beard?!

Thanos is so much more menacing than I thought he would be. And look at him chokeholding Spider-Man, then punching Iron Man. Not okay.

Also, it looks like Loki is offering the Tesseract to him, which makes sense since he seems to have a blue Infinity Stone in his gauntlet. Furthermore, was that Loki’s scepter “removing” the stone from Vision’s head? It probably wasn’t… but could be?

Either way, he’s briefly human and getting off with Wanda… which is uncharacteristic of a robot that doesn’t usually get off with Wanda.

The people of the internet were understandably enthused:

Now I’m going going to watch this on repeat until May.

Images via Marvel

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