The Trailer For 'Sex Robots Are Coming' Documentary Is Insanely Creepy


I’ve never been one of those people to fear the imminent arrival of sentient robots who seek to wipe out or enslave humanity; partly because we deserve it, and also because I also suspected that it would never happen in my lifetime. If my great-grandson’s being oppressed by a robot overlord, sure that’s a shame, but it’s not really my problem – I’d be long dead (unless the twist is that I was the robot overlord, being kept alive by advanced cybernetics).

But then I watched that video the other day of the vaulting and back-flipping robot from Boston Dynamics and it was fairly terrifying…

Imagine if that thing got a bit faster and then decided that humanity’s plague on the planet was in desperate need of cleansing. Something that Elon Musk alluded to in his response to that tweet…

We’d have no chance… I imagine. It depends how well equipped humanity is to fight a robot rebellion and whether or not they’re waterproof – that should be the fail-safe built into every robot.

Until then though, we can fuck fuck all the robots we like, and then act surprised when they get stabby.

I’m of course referring to sex robots, the inevitable turn that humanity took when they learned it was possible – very much a ‘can we?’ and not a ‘should we?’ situation.


Well, would you have sex with a robot? If so, would you butter it up first? Take it for dinner, go for walks, etc…

Would you encourage foreplay, let alone kissing, or would it be prudent to simply go for full penetration? It’s your comfort that’s paramount, presumably, so if you’re not a fan of cunnilingus (yes, people like that really exist), then you could forego it with no moral quandaries.

A Channel 4 documentary is looking to delve into the rapidly advancing world of robotics and with that, they’re looking exclusively at sex robots for one episode.

Have a look at the trailer…

It’s all quite tongue in cheek, of course, but there are real allusions to semi-sentience; such as when the man compares the robot to real woman and she responds somewhat wittily.

Honestly, I’m a bit scared so I’m going to do what any millennial in this position would do, and meme the trailer to take my mind off of it…


wake up


No but seriously, robots, I’m all for you. Treat me well.

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