There Are Two New Trailers For Season Four Of 'Black Mirror' And They Look Terrifying AF


Charlie Brooker’s twisted mind-warp of a show is set for a grand return soon, and whilst we still don’t have an official confirmation of the exact release date (at this rate, Netflix could be planning to pull a Beyoncé and drop the whole season without any prior warning this Christmas), it can’t be denied that there certainly is a buzz of excitement surrounding the upcoming episodes. 

Black Mirror has been quietly seeping back into the forefront of Netflix’s roster of highly-anticipated TV shows as of recent, with the release of two new trailers for the upcoming episodes Ark Angel and Crocodile.

Arkangel-1024x459 GURL

Before these trailers, the only known information about the show’s fourth season had been provided through a short but jam-packed video featuring a snapshot compilation of all the episodes we’d get to see. A list of the upcoming episode names was also released online, complete with lengthy cast details.

It was learned that esteemed “The Silence Of The Lambs” actress, Jodie Foster, would be lending her directorial hand to one of the episodes, and a whole host of fresh new faces would also be starring in each of the tales.


24-year-old British actress, Letitia Wright – who will be playing quite a prominent role in Marvel’s Black Panther – is set to star in an episode of Black Mirror titled Black Museum, and Chewing Gum’s Michaela Coel will also be returning to the series in an episode titled USS Callister.


Michaela made a brief appearance in the first episode of season threebut this stint should see her playing a much more memorable role.


Kiran Sonia Sawar, who starred in the BBC Three drama, Murdered by my Father, will also be starring in the episode titled Crocodile, whilst infamous director, David Slade, whose previous works include Hannibal and American Gods, will be helming an episode titled Metal Head as well.


Netflix have unveiled two new trailers for the episodes Ark Angel – directed by Jodie Foster – and Crocodile. 

Ark Angel, starring Rosemarie DeWitt (La La Land, Poltergeist), tells the tale of a mother who, after losing her daughter briefly on one occasion, decides to avoid the situation from repeating by installing a tracking device in her daughter. However, this soon backfires, as it is learned that the implant is affecting her child in ways she can neither comprehend nor control …

Crocodile appears to take on a much darker tone, as we see Kiran Sonia Sawar star as a woman who seemingly specialises in extracting people’s memories using a clever little machine. When an investigation into a car accident leaves one witness without any recollection of the event, Kiran’s character turns up to help them uncover what memories might be lost. However, judging by the warped flash of scenes in the trailer, the events surrounding that car accident might not be as straight-forward as expected…

Check out the chilling trailers down below:

Posters for both the episodes have also been unveiled on Black Mirror’s twitter account:

And people are definitely growing impatient:

Hopefully, Netflix will do us a solid and drop season 4 of Black Mirror just in time for Christmas…

giphy (30)

But if you simply can’t wait until then, here’s a peak at all the episodes that will be included in season four:

Excited yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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