This Year's White House Christmas Decorations Are Incredibly Disturbing


Those who begin to celebrate Christmas before the 1st December are wrong.

Look, we all enjoy the festive season. Mince pies, mulled wine, turkey, pigs in blankets, presents, alcohol, cheese and more – we love it all. But part of what makes all these Christmassy things great is that they’re confined to one part of the year.

When you start to stretch Christmas out past its allocated month of December, you’re not only giving into corporations but you’re also diluting the brilliance of the holiday. So, take off your Christmas jumper, turn off The Pogues, and refrain from assembling your Christmas tree. After all, Friday (a.k.a December) isn’t that far away.

However, the US have never been able to exercise restraint in this matter. As soon as they’ve finished the Thanksgiving turkey, they begin prepping the next overfed bird for Christmas and start to deck the halls in all matter of god awful decorations.

Considering their penchant for going OTT far too early on the Christmas hype, it should come as no surprise that The White House have revealed their festive decorations.

Designed and orchestrated by First Lady Melania Trump, the decorations are… quite something.

Forget skipping down a warm corridor filled festively with glowing pine trees, you can now take a chilling and sombre walk in between dead spindly leaves that look like they’d be more at home at the witch’s palace in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

In fact, the White House’s Christmas decorations are so chilly that people have been questioning if they’re meant to symbolise Melania’s soul. We truly don’t envy anyone who’s married to Donald Trump. Even just the prospect of being his wife seems like the worse option of a brutal game of ‘Would You Rather?’

It would hardly be surprising if The First Lady’s time in the White House has her feeling so traumatised that she could only make herself heard through her Christmas decorations. In this sense, the cold and depressing vibe of her work could simply be a cry for help.

Social media have also had a few things to say about The White House’s depressing decorations:

Whether Melania is dead inside or not, did we really expect good taste from a woman who chooses to sleep with a man that can’t even drink a bottle of water right?

Even so, The White House’s Christmas decorations aren’t the most disturbing decision to come from the Trump family this year.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

Images via Twitter / Getty Images / GIPHY / iStock

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